Nothing Returns A Memory
As Clearly As A Song

A Reunion of baby boomers filled with memories. "Rememories"(tm) A Book Available Now

By Author Elliot Michael Gold


Comments on Rememories
from Baby Boomers like you…


Girlfriends, wannabe girlfriends, want-em-to-be girlfriends, buddies, old friends, new friends, veterans. Friends who are now gonebut our music lives on. MEMORIES!

Joe Cannon

A look at the relationship and influences of music and growing up in the baby boomer generation.

Dave Horn

The book offers a yin and yang of music and memories-the music plays; the memory begins. That memory brings on another, which brings on thoughts of another song. Back and forth-music and memory.

Kay Leonard

A short glimpse into the lives of people youd never believe put their pants on just the same as you.

J. Philip Carter

Goosebumps. Smiles. Nostalgia. Wistfulness. Commonality. Longing. Wisdom. Hope. Its striking how music truly transcends boundaries of all shapes and sizesage, race, creed, social background. This book is a gift.

Neal Lulofs

“ Oldies” are an integral part of my stress management system. The memories they invoke take me back to a time when life was far less complicated. I think I laughed more then, found many more reasons to smile, and just generally remember life being a whole lot more fun. Its reassuring to know that many others find the same sort of solace in memories triggered by the music of their youth.

Richard Windrow

A direct connection to our younger selves through the music and shared experiences that helped to shape us, individually and as a generation.

Laura Robertson

The book provides the reader with an opportunity to share in the memories of an era stimulated by its music. The stories and music referenced in the book will spark readers into taking their own “magic carpet ride” down memory lane to a time of their youth when music was such a constant and powerful companion.

Sam Gosline

This book provides an opportunity to take a few moments to reflect on the past. Popular music transcends geographical boundaries, and the reflections of the books contributors spark off personal memories.

Richard Browne

A peek at peoples memories of their lives and the music that was a part of it.

John Williams

In addition to the touching insights into the lives of this books subjects, Rememories treats the reader to her own “reunion” with long-forgotten memories.

Mimi Englander