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Andrew Young (former Ambassador to the United Nations)

Mark Victor Hansen (Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul book series)

David Hume Kennerly (Photographer Newsweek)

Billy Payne (Atlanta businessman, head of the Atlanta Olymics)

Grace Slick (Member of Jefferson Airplane / Starship )

Bruce Bond (President & CEO, ANS Communications)

Barry Gordon (Past President of Screen Actors Guild,star of A Thousand Clowns)

Lance Kerwin (Child actor from the 1970s- James at 15)

Carolyn McWilliams (Star of Soap)

Michael Listo (Producer of Ally McBeal)

Dale Dye (President of Warriers Incorporated, actor in Platoon)

Wally Amos (Famous Amos)

Joel Roman (Vice President Soundtrack Department William Morris Agency)

Bunny Hoest (Cartoonist for Parade Magazine)

Nora McAniff (Publisher of People magazine)

John Babcock Jr. (Publisher of Billboard)

Jolene Skyes (Publisher of FORTUNE)

Mary Boone (Consultant and writer on leadership)

Stu Arnold (Managing Director of The Financial Times)

Jack Haire (Publisher of Time Magazine)

Jim Caccavo (Viet Nam Photographer for the American Red Cross & Time Magazine)

Atlanta Reunion :
Judi North (Past President of BellSouth's consumer division)
Steve North
Pat Tanner
Perry Tanner
Lynda Calcagno
Bob Calcagno

Mo Siegel (CEO of Celestial Seasonings)

Gloria Feldt (President of Planned Parenthood)

Fabian (Teen Idol from the 1960s)

Frank Wilson (Song writer for Motown Records and The Supremes)

Steve Buslowe (bass player for Meat Loaf)

Jane Calverley (former Assistant Press Officer, CBS Records London)

Mrs. Gwen Calverley (Mother of a Sixties Flower Child)

Cousin Bruce--Bruce Morrow (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame DJ from CBS-FM)

Dick Biondi (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee DJ from WJMK-FM in Chicago)

Arnie Ginsberg (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame DJ from Boston)

Red Robinson (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee DJ from Vancover)

"The Queen" Martha Jean Steinberg (Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee DJ from WQBH Detroit)

Steve McCoy (DJ Star94 Atlanta)

Lee Abrams (AM-to-FM Radio Consultant from LeeSound)

Clark Smidt (station owner, WNNH-FM NH)

Sam Gosline (Product Manager, Sprint)

Tina Lynde (host of Memory Lane, WOMR Cape Cod, Mass.)